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Mediums: Canvas Floor Paintings, Photographs

Art Under Foot is a series of painted canvases designed for display on the floor and walked upon as appropriate. The first canvases were created in Hawaii fifteen years ago and many today, although produced in Vermont, still exhibit tropical influence.

A trained artist with a degree in Fine Arts, Gigi Valley’s early career combined the craft of raku pottery with drawn and painted surfaces on clay, not unlike the designs on her floor canvases today. With a keen eye for composition and color, Gigi is working on a series of unique photographic images of objects and landscape as seen from her personal point of view. Several are included in an evolving collection with Brian Valley called From There to Here, Hawaii to Vermont.
ART UNDER FOOT. . . Contemporary Folk Art for the 21st Century


It is said that the original floor canvases were made from the sails of ships dating back as far as the 14th century. By 1850, linoleum and oilcloths began to replace the hand painted canvas rugs. Today, the art form has been rediscovered and reinterpreted for 21st century interiors by artists around the world. Enjoy your floor canvas as an original work of fine art under foot!

Floor Canvas Care

A floor canvas is a painting designed for display on a hard surface floor such as wood, linoleum, concrete and smooth tile. Use of floor canvas rugs in areas of light traffic is recommended. If floor surface is slippery,rug-backing tape can be applied to canvas to keep rug from traveling. Furniture feet that will sit on a floor canvas should have a protective glide cap. Floor canvases require only occasional cleaning with mild soap and a damp sponge.

Floor canvas will stiffen in cool temperatures. Before unrolling, place canvas in an area of 70ºF, or warmer. Note: floor canvases should never be creased or folded and only stored rolled with painted surface on the outside. Plastic pipes available at home supply stores work well for rolled storage.

Regular cleaning of your floor canvas should begin with vacuuming the surface and under side of the rug and the floor area beneath. The painted canvas surface should only be cleaned with a damp mop and mild, soapy water. Commercial floor-cleaning chemicals will compromise the finished surface. A light coat of clear paste wax is the only polish that should ever be applied to the surface.
Stella Knight-Sheen
Golden Pineapples
Royal Fish
Swimming Against the Tide
Brown Pineapples
33'' x 18''