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Art Photographs FROM THERE TO HERE

Brian Valley
Photographer, Musician
Medium: Nature Photography

A lifelong interest in botanical environment has led Brian Valley to publish a series of photographs based on his personal experience in the environments of Hawaii and Vermont.

A native Vermonter, Valley  spent 14 years living in the tropical state of Hawaii  working as a naturalist, collecting seeds from native and endangered plants, propagating them and returning the seedlings to their natural habitat. Countless hours spent in the splendorous island landscape has inspired Valley to photograph and print some startling and beautiful images of an unseen Hawaii and native plants and flowers rescued from the brink of extinction.

From There to Here, a collection of limited edition prints, is a photographic journey honoring all that is wondrous in the landscapes of island and mountain paradises.
Contemporary Folk Art for the 21st Century

Gigi Valley
Mediums: Canvas Floor Paintings and
Art Photographs

A trained artist with a degree in Fine Arts,
Gigi Valley’s early career combined the craft of raku 
pottery with drawn and painted surfaces on clay,
not unlike the designs on her floor canvases today.

With a keen eye for composition and color, Gigi
is also working on a series of unique
photographic images of objects and landscape
as seen from her personal point of view. Several
are included in an evolving collection with Brian
Valley called From There to Here, Hawaii to
Pueo (Endangered Hawaiian Owl)
Lana'i, Hawaii
11" x 14" 
Pineapple Truck
Lanai City, Hawaii
11" x 14"